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Transnet cares about the environment

Transnet is a major player in the South African economy. Its myriad activities are guided and informed by government policies, rules and regulations. As a state-owned company, Transnet has an obligation to ensure that all standards are rigorously adhered to, especially with regard to environment.

Appendix A1 - Notes of Pre-Application Authorities Meeting
Appendix A10 - Issues and Responses Table
Appendix A11 - Written Comments on The Draft Scoping Report
Appendix A12 - Notes of Scoping Report Focus Group Meetings
Appendix A2 - List of IAPs on the Stakeholder Database
Appendix A3 - Background Information Document and Cover Letter
Appendix A4 - Newspaper Advertisements
Appendix A5 - Poster Advertisement
Appendix A6 - Radio Broadcast Advertisement
Appendix A7 - Open Day Poster Presentation
Appendix A8 - Open Day Attendance Registers
Appendix A9 - Notes of Focus Group Meetings
Appendix B1 - Technical Drawings of the Project
Appendix B2 - Project Motivation and Business Case
Appendix B3 - Engineering Screening Studies
Appendix B4 - Correspondence with Authorities
Appendix B5 - Plean of Study for Environmental Impact Assessment
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Project Description and Motivation
Chapter 3 - Regulatory Framework
Chapter 4 - Description of the Affected Environment
Chapter 5 - Public Participation Process
Chapter 6 - Key Environmental Issues
Chapter 7 - Alternative Analysis
Chapter 8 - Conclusion
Chapter 9 - References
Executive Summary, TOC and Glossary
Explanatory Endnotes
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